Our Boards

The cheese boards built for Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its opulence, glamor, and gourmet food. The entire staff at Cured & Whey aims to exceed this gold standard of the Las Vegas Strip by putting together cheese and charcuterie boards fit for a king, queen, and the entire royal court.

Different boards feed different amounts of people, and the pricing might not reflect quantity, but instead quality of cheese / charcuterie on the board.

Under 5 People

A small celebration of cheese & charcuterie.

Our small personal boards are perfect for a night in, or a fireside chat with a friend. Typically for less than 5 people, these boards are a great fit when you want a light snack, or as an appetizer.

5-10 People

Small groups love to snack.

Cured & Whey has boards that make a great addition to the beginning of a meal, a small club, or intimate party.

These cheese and charcuterie boards aim to feed a small group of people who might like to try a variety of cheese and charcuterie!

10-25 People

Let’s get this party started the right way.

A cheese and charcuterie tray is the best way to get the party started, and let your guests know you mean business.

Our 10-25 trays start with a consultation with our professional cheese staff here at Cured & Whey, where we customize and price your cheese and charcuterie board to your tastes, your guests tastes, and account for any allergies.

After that, we wrap up the board for delivery or pickup, and you get to enjoy an incredible cheese and charcuterie board with your friends or family!

25+ People Spreads

Epic Events. Epic Cheese and Charcuterie Boards. 

Our 25+ person spreads are the best way to make a statement. From a wedding party that has 50 people, to a 60,000 person convention, our expert staff can craft a signature spread that can feed any guest count.

Our signature spreads include set-up, tear down, staff service, and replenishment.* Additional options like fruit, vegetables, smoked chicken, smoked duck, and other requested items.*

*Additional Cost