2020 Classes

Cured & Whey Cheese Class Calendar for 2020

Cheese classes are here for 2020! The entire team at Cured & Whey is incredibly excited to launch our full calendar for the year. Full of fan favorites like our baked brie class, to French Cheese and Wines, with special additions like grilling cheeses and beer / cheese pairings.

Take a look below, and get on the special pre-sales list that will be available ONLY to those subscribers who are on our cheese class list!

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Cheese 101
January 22 and 23 / 2020
$60 per person

Learn all about cheese! The perfect way to start the year off, we will go over the basic varieties and classifications of cheeses in this two hour tasting and pairing.

Taste and learn about cheese, find delicious accompaniments, and socialize in this interactive and incredibly approachable class.

Chocolate and Cheese
February 13 / 2020
$70 per person

Our Valentine’s Day chocolate and cheese class is especially designed to be a romantic and fun evening for couples. We’re going to take the sensual nature of chocolate, cheese, and wine and blend them together in an exciting pairing class.

**Special note: We are limiting orders to 2 tickets per order for February’s class only. This will help ensure we have space for as many couples as want to join!

Spanish Cheese & Wine
March 18 / 2020
$60 per person

Maridajes de queso y vino! Our selection of Spanish cheeses is rivaled only by Spain itself. Transport yourself across the ocean to a world full of Flamenco, sunshine, beaches, and the cobbled streets of Catalonia.

Paired with a selection of Spanish wines, our tasting selection will take your tastebuds on incredible journey around Spain!

Pairing Favorites: Spring Cheeses
April 22 / 2020
$60 per person

Didn’t think cheese was seasonal? Think again! Each year we compile a list of fresh Spring cheeses full of grassy notes, and hints of the first fresh cream from a variety of animals. Our Spring cheese pairings with fresh, crisp wines and charcuterie will delight and refresh even the most demanding palettes.

Cheese and Wines of Italy
May 27 / 2020
$70 per person

Our Italian Cheese and Wine class is a master class in tasting the best that Italy has to offer the culinary world. Imported cheeses made using centuries old techniques, and charcuterie that has delighted tables and diners generations over.

Italian wines will also be highlighted, expertly matched with each flavor note from our in-house cheesemonger and chefs.

Beer + Cheese
June 17 / 2020
$70 per person

Two of the best things in life are craft beer and cheese, and we couldn’t think of a better theme for this class than to kick off the summer the right way! Learn about the key characteristics of great beer, and how to pair them with the right cheese. This sip and snack class makes a great date night, or a night out with a group of friends.

Grilling Cheeses
July 22 / 2020
$60 per person

Fire up that backyard behemoth and learn about what all makes the perfect melty cheeseburger cheese and what goes well with several grilled classics (both vegetables and meats).

Learn tips and tricks that will make your backyard the hit of summer, along with alcohol pairings fit for a small get together or a large celebration.

Summer Rosé Pairings
August 19 / 2020
$60 per person

All we have to say is Yes Way Rosé! This crisp wine tinted pink from the skins of the red grapes refreshes and delights, and during the hot summer months, is fantastic to pair with a wide selection of cheese and charcuterie both domestically and from around the world.

An interactive class where you can learn about Rosé, along with tips and techniques to pair cheese with a variety of Rosé types.

Cheeses and Wines of France
September 16 / 2020
$70 per person

A cheese class schedule wouldn’t be complete without a full French cheese and wine experience. The easiest and fastest way to be transported to the beautiful French Countryside, filled with classic cheese and wine pairings.

Our selection of imported French Wines and French cheeses is second to none, matched together by our professional cheese staff here at Cured & Whey

All About Raclette
October 14 / 2020
$70 per person

One of the most famous melting cheeses, our Raclette class is the perfect way to start the fall season off the right way. Learn about the difference between the Swiss and French versions, try out several dishes with melted raclette, and (weather dependent), see Raclette melted with a blow torch!

A select variety of wines will be made available for these pairings to help compliment this fantastic cheese style and to help make your next dinner party a raging success.

Holiday Cheese Board Building
November 18 / 2020
$70 per person

Learn to make holiday cheese and charcuterie boards from the expert staff here at Cured & Whey. One of the most popular classes of 2019 is being brought back over two days to teach and excite your holiday guests. Tips and tricks for cutting cheeses, making charcuterie rosettes, arranging your board, and placing pairings all happen in this exciting cheese and wine tasting class.

As always, this class includes a take home board, so you can make your own boards at home with the skills you’ve learned in class!

Baked Brie
December 16 / 2020
$60 per person

Hands down our most popular class of 2019, this class sold out in HOURS, and we’re bringing back the ooey goodness of Baked Brie. You’ll be not only tasting some fantastic baked Brie, but you’ll also be learning how to make your own at home!

And of course, we can’t have you come to a baked Brie class without sending you home with one, so true to tradition, everyone will get a baked Brie to take home with them as well as part of this incredible cheese and wine tasting class!