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February Cheese Class – Chocolate and Cheese

Our special Valentines Day class is perfect start to a romantic weekend! Our Thursday class is all about pairing three incredible, decadent items together: cheese, chocolate, and wine. Taste and experience cheeses that pair with dark chocolate, all while sipping wine in a fun, relaxed, and romantic atmosphere.

We’re highlighting and pairing various chocolates and cheeses from around the world, and our certified cheesemonger will go over pairings of each one.

Class includes the following:

  • Learn about cheese, chocolate, and pairing them with different wines
  • Explore the location and history of each cheese, and why it pairs well with our expert selections
  • Enough cheese for a 2 person board
  • Interactive board building lesson (every board will be different!)
  • BONUS: After class, ALL cheese and charcuterie in the shop will be available for 15% off!

Be sure to follow us on social media (@curedandwhey on Instagram and Facebook) to keep updated with what our pairings will be.

Space is limited for this exciting event, so reserve yours now!


Valentines Day Cheese and Charcuterie Boards!

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