French Cottage Bakery – Chef Benoit

The panettone business started when I took a vienoisserie class at my friend Melissa Coppel’s school in September 2017. Panettone was part of the course but I wasn’t sold yet. The Mother yeast had to be refreshed four times daily, it was a lengthy process… I eventually changed my mind mid class when I realized panettoni could make great gifts for the guests SGWS host during the holidays. (I’ve also always made sure to show the new skills acquired after a class southern got to pay for). After my first batch at southern, I was approached by a colleague and friend of mine Francesco Lafranconi to bake him some Panettoni to replace the store bought ones he customarily gave away for Christmas. That was followed by another friend’s request and the idea was planted.

Interestingly enough, I was already dabbing in sourdough baking and vinegar making at that time. So I thought after levain and vinegar mother, what’s one more culture to take care of…

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